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    Preventive medicine and check-ups

    Preventive medicine and check-ups

    Would you like to know your personal risk of certain cardiovascular diseases?We can offer you a professional examination profile in combination with a comprehensive internal and cardiological health check-up.

    We can ascertain your personal risk factors and recommend preventive measures based on:

    • A thorough patient history
    • A general physical examination
    • Comprehensive lab work (blood sugar, lipids, etc)
    • Blood pressure and pulse measurements
    • Your ankle-brachial pressure index (to assess your general cardiovascular risk)
    • Your ECG at rest and under stress
    • Pulmonary function measurement
    • Ultrasounds of your heart and the blood vessels to your brain
    • Ultrasounds of your abdominal organs
    • Stress ECG


    This information will help us provide you with a complete overview of all of your body’s organ systems. We can then develop suggestions on adjusting your lifestyle through exercise and nutrition to help you lose weight, quit smoking, avoid burn-out, and balance your professional and private lives.

    Preventive medicine and check-ups – they’re an important part of investing in a healthy future!

We offer you the full diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum of internal medicine and cardiology.

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