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    Dr. Olga Bruskina

    Dr. Olga Bruskina

    Studied medicine in the Faculty of Medicine of Grodno State Medical (1988-1994)

    Awarded a doctorate in medicine by Technische Universität München (thesis on peri-interventional bleeding complications and their effect on a one-year period following percutaneous intervention)

    Multi-centric study, 9/2008

    • Laboratory medicine specialist, Grodno University Children’s Outpatient Clinic

    • Internist training in the Department of Gastroenterology and Oncology (under Prof. R. Eissele, FFB Kreisklinik)

    • Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology at the German Heart Centre Munich, Klinik Rechts der Isar (under Prof. Dr. med. Albert Schömig)